About Us

We are a UK registered charity organisation, charity registration number:1167272 with activities both in UK and currently only in Southern Africa.We aim to raise awareness of the plight of underprivileged school-going age orphaned children starting in rural Zimbabwe as their plight is one of the seldomly-heard of and as a result they perish un-noticed. Our work start with ensuring they stay in school therefore the organisation sources funding to pay for basic school necessities such as school fees, basic uniforms and stationery such as pens and exercise books if budget allows.

There is published evidence of Zimbabwe among the countries that have millions of orphaned children and our research has shown that these ones in rural areas fall off the systems unnoticed.As an organisation, we are not by far inventing the wheel, we are complimenting what others have done or are doing. However, we feel there is something missing in all approaches we have seen hence we are taking a slightly different approach. In addition to highlighting their plight, we just want to make an impact on those few orphans we come in direct contact with.