Our Projects

Our current 35 children on the programme come from 6 schools in 3 provinces namely Matebeland South, Matebeleland North and Midlands. They all live at home with their ailing grandparents or in child-headed families in most remote rural areas and most know a few professions they aspire to become eg teacher, nurse, police office, office clerk or driver due to their limited exposure. Our aim is take them young, nurture them and explore as many opportunities they can access. We believe with collaboration of other charity organisations, businesses and governments it is very possible. Our aim as an organisation is not just to pay for the essentials and leave them. We do take it upon ourselves to take an interest in knowing each of them by finding a way of spending some time with them, advising and empowering on making career choices when time comes. We don’t expect all to have high IQs but if we knew their strengths we could probably be able to advice on vocational studies when the need comes. We have taken it upon ourselves to do the best we can for them and to let the world know about ‘the life of An Orphan’ and their everyday struggles in remote rural Zimbabwe.

The following are schools and some of the children who are our beneficiaries.


Matebeleland South

  • Zamanyoni Secondary School 






  • Zamanyoni Primary School 

  • Nyashongwe Primary School


  • Lukadzi Primary school



Matabeleland North

  • Gwayi Primary School

  • Somakwilili Primary School



  • Dhlodhlo