What is GDPR?

On the 25th of May 2018 the European Union took a massive step towards better data protection by introducing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR will apply to organizations worldwide and non-compliance could result in fines of up to € 20,000,000 or 4% of your annual turnover.


If you use Recruitee’s ATS, then you are seen as a data controller. As a data controller you have the responsibility for the protection of your applicants' personal data. This means you'll need to have full control over how your ATS processes personal data.


We are seen as a data processor for the personal data of applicants that is processed with our ATS. Our mission is to make sure our customers have all the tools required to shape their data processing as they see fit. Our customers stay in control, we handle the technical side.

How does Recruitee assist you
with GDPR compliance?

GDPR requirements

Our approach

Recruitee allows you to ask candidates for consent to process their personal data.
Withdrawal of consent
You can include a link in your e-mails to candidates to allow them to withdraw their consent for processing their personal data at any time.
Display a cookie consent dialog to applicants who visit your careers site.
You can set a data retention period to easily delete expired profiles. Anonymized data is retained to allow for reports.
Access / Portability
Easily share a candidate’s profile with a link or export it as a CSV file.
Links to request correction of personal data are included with e-mails to candidates. Customers are provided an overview of correction requests.
Security measures
Our data processing agreement guarantees appropriate technical and organizational measures.
Data export restrictions
All of your data will stay within the European Union.

Your GDPR checklist

Recruitee brings together the most important GDPR features to help you fully comply with EU regulations.

Role-based access rights
Data processing agreement
ISO 27001 certified
Data subject requests management
Data anonymization
Appropriate security measures
EU hosting
Data retention automation

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