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Beneficiaries of Mopane Foundation

A group of mopane foundation beneficiaries in primary school level from various rural schools in Zimbabwe.

Mopane Foundation International (MFI), an international charity organisation founded in 2015 and registered as a charity in England and Wales (Charity no. 1167272) as well as a Trust in Zimbabwe (Number 000272). The organisation supports less privileged orphaned school-going children currently in rural Zimbabwe. It was founded by Zimbabweans based in the diaspora and the board of trustees some of whom have the less privileged backgrounds both in the diaspora and Zimbabwe

Our motivation is to ensure that children in remote areas can enjoy their right to education. Co-existing with government and other agency education support programmes, the organisation provides tuition support; school wear such as uniforms, jerseys, socks, shoes and underwear; school supplies and other materials to prepare the beneficiary students for a positive learning experience.

The organisation aims to ensure all fees are fully paid and that the kids don’t feel different from others, therefore buys them school uniforms, some writing materials and basic necessities such as underwear although it is not always financially possible. Secondary to that the organisation also aims to nurture and mentor these kids and prepare them for the world at large. The organisation has taken upon itself to ensure it that it assist all the beneficiaries to access all possible opportunities that children of their age across the globe have access to. It believes for the kids to compete in this world, they need to be out there in the world and have an awareness of the world beyond their immediate surroundings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote education for all including the Girl Child & nurture future leaders by supporting disadvantaged children to access education which is a precursor to having better life outcomes, promote child health, community youth programmes, facilitate innovation and co- production programs that benefits children & immediate communities.

Mopane Foundation leadership and some of the beneficiaries at Nyashongwe Primary school (Zimbabwe – 2018).

We discovered that some of our leaders learners were without any foodstuffs and the team occasionally donate to the family to help out.

Nomsa Neke (CEO)

Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which every child accesses the right to survival, protection, participation in learning and development. We aspire to live in a society where every child accesses basic education and though that education, is empowered with knowledge, skills and competencies to make informed choices instead of living a life blighted by disadvantage.

View some of our outstanding milestones achieved since the year 2015.

Our Core Values

In carrying out this important task. We live by a set of rules and a code of conduct